PE Stretch Wrap Films using Cast Film Technology

USF - Auto Wrap Stretch FilmUSF - Manual Wrap
  • USF - 5-Layer Cast Pallet Wrap Stretch Film

    USF's 5-Layer Cast Film is made of virgin and high quality raw materials with a unique composition, giving the film extreme pre-stretching qualities and unbeatable strength. We produce special high performance film that can be stretch by up to 300%. This enables perfect packaging solutions and is especially suitable for high performance machines with strong pre-stretching requirements.


    Manual wrapping is in many cases the easiest and most efficient packaging solution. USF has a Manual film assortment of cast stretch film as well as Blown Stretch Film of different thicknesses and widths.
    • Cast Stretch Film Hand Rolls - Easy handling for reliable packaging, sticks only to itself.
    • Strong and Clear Film - Prevents the movement of products on pallets during transit.
    • Versatile - wrapping consignments weighing less than 500Kg, use standard 17 micron film.
    • For consignments weighing up to 700Kg - use the strongest 20 micron film.
    • Applications - manual packaging processes (industries, commissioning, storage etc.)
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  • USF - Auto Stretch Wrap

    USF - Auto Wrap is typically designed to be applied with a stretch wrap machine. It provides many advantages over USF - ManualWrap including: faster and more efficient packaging, reduced packaging material costs, safer application, more secure loads and more.

    USF - Auto Wrap is produced in a variety of thicknesses and widths. Our range of USF-AutoWrap Films, possess excellent strength, puncture resistance and stretch performance, as well as clarity and quiet unwind.


    • Ensure a safe and secured position of packaged goods during transit.
    • Tear resistant – Protect goods from mechanical damages.
    • Applications – Automatic and semi-automatic packaging (industrial & logistics etc.)
    USF - Auto Wrap is produced are further bifurcated under three sub-categories depending upon our clients' requirements:

    USF - Eco Wrap

    Available in various gauges for optimum wrapping applications. These films are typically for beginners as the film is comparatively cheaper to other Wrapping Options from USF.

    USF - Deluxe Wrap

    It is a superior multi-layer blown film that provides excellent strength and puncture resistance ideal for wrapping some of the most challenging loads. These are typical 23 micron films for general industrial applications.

    USF - Premium Wrap

    Premium Quality PE-Stretch Wrap Film achieved by down gauging the film upto 20 microns. Using USF-PremiumWrap Films leads to huge savings and efficient & more secure loads. These films are typically designed to provide stretch effect of upto 300%.

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  • USF - Bio Stretch Wrap

    Biowrap is an environmentally friendly stretch wrap and unlike recycled plastic, biowrap is degradable & compostable plastic wrapping under specified UV conditions. This makes USF - Bio Wrap great for the environment and our future generation.

    USF - Bio Wrap is an ideal solution for customers looking for an environmentally friendly film without sacrificing performance or significantly increasing costs.

  • USF - Wrap n Talk (Printed Stretch Film)

    USF provides Wrap n Talk Printed Stretch Wrap - a cost effective way to identify, protect and advertise your product. This helps you to establish and promote your brand image in the market at an affordable prices.

    USF-Wrap n Talk Printed Stretch Films are available in widths from 4" to 47" in a range of gauges all in up to 2 colors.

  • USF - ColourWrap PE Stretch Film

    Coloured Stretch Film is ideal for warehouse colour coding, international shipments or dating inventory. USF - ColourWrap PE Stretch Film is puncture resistant 23 - 29 microns (90 - 115 gauge) blown film. USF - ColourWrap PE Stretch Film is an extremely quite film because it comes off the roll extra smoothly and quietly. We offer various colours to choose from. However, the most popular colour remains Black & Green for obvious reasons.

  • USF - UVI Stretch Wrap

    UVI stretch films are used to palletize products that are stored outside for long periods of time. Ultra violet rays weaken non UVI stretch wrap products causing them to lose strength and load integrity. USF - UVI Wrap will better protect your pallets from prolonged UV Exposure. They are available in hand wrap or machine wrap rolls.

  • USF - VCI Stretch Wrap

    USF - VCI Wrap Films contain Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor properties to provide anti-corrosion protection to stretch wrap packaging applications. USF - VCI stretch films provide cost effective corrosion protection to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and metal parts.

    USF - VCI Wrap films are available in machine grade and hand grade rolls.