PE Silage Films

  • Silage Films (USF - Agro Sil / USF - Bale Wrap)

    USF - Agro Sil / USF - Bale Wrap Films reduce heat accumulation to prevent the losses of nutritional value of the fodder. Manufactured from Polyethylene resins, the films have the ability to stretch and resistance to puncture and tearing.The resin combination we use is unique and may work out expensive but produces a stronger& a better quality film.Other raw materials include colorants (usually green or white or black), UV light inhibiter as sunlight and UV rays tend to cause breakages in the film and adhesive to ensure excellent stickiness.The percentile of UV inhibitor varies depending upon the location the film is scheduled to be used. For eg.UV levels are higher in NewZealand or Australia than in Scotland or Ireland. This means, the USF - Agro Sil / USF - Bale Wrap Wrap going to Scotland may need lesser UV inhibitor compared to that of the film going to NewZealand.

    For best results, USF guarantees that no recycled resins are used in the manufacture of USF - Agro Sil / USF - Bale Wrap Wrap. This is to ensure farmers & other users receive excellent quality film every time.

    USF - Agro Sil / USF - Bale Wrap Films have excellent puncture, abrasion and tear resistance for outdoor storage, excellent adherence properties, and excellent stretch ability, reduces storage and operational costs.