About Us

  • As one of India's leading manufacturers & exporters of Polyethylene Packaging Films, Unnati is proud to offer innovative solutions for today's challenging environment.

    Unnati is an amalgamation of Unnati Speciality formed in 2009 and amalgamated with its parent company Unnati Industrial Corporation – a leading solution provider for SumbersiblePumpsets this year. We have constantly diversified our product range throughout the years to cope with market trends demands and customer requirements. Our aim is to offer the most efficient, cost effective solution to pack, wrap and transport your goods whilst significantly reducing your carbon foot print.

    Unnati has a unique position of access to current raw material developments and gains full advantage from the strategic location close to the leading petrochemical company in Gujarat, India. Unnati has a unique advantage of being less than 18kms from the Dry Port – ICD Khodiyar near Ahmedabad for the ease of despatching of consignments.

    We have an experienced team based at our factory willing to travel locally and internationally to understand your requirements and offer your correct packaging solutions. We constantly update and train our team with the latest developments and solutions in the packaging market. With a comprehensive back room staff and dedicated product and customer personnel our sales team are available to help, support and service our customers' demands.

    We have a high quality in house testing facilitieswhich makes us a complete manufacturer offering qualitative solutions at affordable market prices.

    Unnati develops, manufactures and distributes Flexible Packaging Films for industrial and agriculture use as well as special purpose films.

    Our Key Strengths

    • Comprehensive sales team who are constantly trained and updated on a diversity of packaging products.
    • Large stock holding of products to accommodate just in time service, spikes in market prices and unknown demands.
    • Stability - our company has grown organically throughout the years and we have worked with strategic supply partners over long periods of time in order to provide high quality packaging materials on a consistent basis.
    • To provide our customers with the most efficient and cost effective way to wrap, pack and ship their products whilst doing our utmost to reduce their carbon foot print.
    • Our ability to adapt to our customers' requirements - be it location, introducing a new product range or placing our people on site to understand and inspect their requirements. We appreciate our customers' needs and demands and address these accordingly. Offering packaging solutions and building long term relationships.


    Unnati Industrial Corporation is specialized in the production of PE Stretch Film via Two Different Technologies to provide the end users a complete array of choices as per their requirement:

    A. 5 - Layer Cast Pallet Wrap Stretch Film using state of the art technology &
    B. 3 - Layer Blown Film Technology mainly for Manual Wrap PE Stretch Film

    The focused ranges of products are:
    • USF - Manual Wrapin 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 450 & 500 mm with thickness ranging from 9 to 60 microns, supplemented by jumbo reels from 9 to 40 microns of thickness upto 60-70 kg using Blown Film Technology
    • USF - Auto Wrap in 500 mm with thickness ranging 15 to 30 microns supplemented by Jumbo rolls upto 35 kg using Cast Film Technology.